I have no desire to ever go to a gym again … there, I’ve said it!

I should want to go. It’s the thing! But I’ve tried numerous times and I just hate every moment of it! It’s like that joke ~ I went to a zumba class and for an hour I gyrated, I jumped, I bent, I twisted, but by the time I got the leotard on, the class was over! For me, I just hate every part of the process. I hate getting there, and I hate being there! Although these days there’s so much great athletic wear out there that a fashionista wants to wear!


So, what is a gal to do? In addition to wanting to ward off the weight gain that can come with being a post-menopausal woman, I am fighting every day to maintain my 110-lb. weight loss. It will be three years in September since my weight loss surgery, and I know from talking with others that this is a dangerous time. At first, just the drastic changes in eating habits was enough to keep my weight dropping. But it will take a lot more than that to keep it off.


So my husband and I have taken up walking. Right now, we are taking a two-mile walk at least four times a week, and will be working to increase that. The bonus is that there’s such beauty all around to enjoy during a walk.

A few posts ago, I shared some photos from a walk at Hereford Inlet in North Wildwood, NJ. That’s one of our favorite walks. And recently, we’ve discovered another great spot just blocks away from our own home.


The Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management Area in Villas, NJ was once the site of the Ponderlodge Golf Course, part of the estate of Schmidt’s Beer baron Billy Pflaumer. The site has been turned into a nature preserve. We discovered it quite by accident, as the entrance we found was almost overgrown. But, once inside, it’s a lovely place to walk. Maintained by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, it’s a popular place for birdwatchers as well.



For the walk I wore thrifted teal print tee shirt and black pants along with my new favorite white denim jacket.

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